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To view photos, choose the era you want to visit from the images below.  Once you’ve entered the album, you may scroll left or right by clicking on the links underneath the current photo.

If you have a photo to share, please send us the file via email.  (If you only have a physical copy of the photo we can scan it and return the photo to you.)

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Pastor Don Nelson

Pastor Larry Hawn

Pastor Troy Knight

Pastor Jim Runyan

Pastor Steve Apgar

Pastor Bob Sugden

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6 Responses to Our Photo Album Home Page

  1. Wendy B. says:

    These photos quite a “summary ” to the history of this church. Each photo says more than a thousand words to me. Thank you Pastor Bob Sugden for posting.

  2. Gretchen Vickery says:

    My kids and I were there while Pastor Don Nelson was Pastor. Fun to look back. Saw my son in one picture and another of my daughter, however her picture is in the section while Larry Hawn was pastor…we had already moved away then. Some day I’d like to visit….

    • Gretchen, thank you for visiting our page. And, thank you for the feedback. If you could describe the photo in which your daughter appears, we will gladly move it to the correct historical section.

      • Gretchen Vickery says:

        The picture is of Sara Vickery little girl with a walker. Again, I enjoyed looking at your site and all the pics. If the Wright sisters still attend your church, tell them I say hello.

  3. Yes, Beverly & Marlene do still attend. They would love to be in contact with you. Send us your phone number and we’ll have them contact you.

  4. Wesley Burns says:

    My name is Wesley Burns. I retired from 45 years of active pastorate in 2001. I was part of the w&
    w team from Minnesota that came to build the parsonage. We, also spent time finishing the upper church structure, getting the roof on , Thanks to Fairbanks First for giving the money for the roofing! I think there were around 20 of us. We just had 3 people return to Fishcreek Churc with the Eastern Ohio team. They finished up the work at Fairbanks and came out there to do some work. I was hoping to see a picture of the parsonage. I think we had to leave without getting the windows in, and some other finishing details. It was a great experience.
    I may have some pictures of our project. If I find them, I’ll contact you .

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